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2023 Vol. 1, No. 2

28 April 2023

Cover Story | Issue 2 Front Cover

This cover shows the ultrathin intermetallic platinum-tellurium metallene (PtTe-ML) with atomic thickness as an efficient electrocatalyst for selective electroreduction of nitrate (NO3--ERR), which achieves an effective ammonia (NH3) production rate of 2.32 mg h-1 mgcat-1 and a Faradic efficiency of 95.5% at only -0.04 V potential. Meanwhile, the strategy of coupling anodic formic acid reaction and cathodic NO3--ERR based on bifunctional PtTe-ML electrocatalysts can further promote the energy-saving electrochemical NH3 production.

Qingling Hong,  Boqiang Miao,  Tianjiao Wang,  Fumin Li*,  Yu Chen*

2023, 1, 220022. doi: 10.54227/elab.20220022

Cover Story | Issue 2 Back Cover

This cover shows a green potassium ion batteries with flexibility SEl. The green potassium ion batteries is achieved by lengthening the carbon chain in the solvent molecule which enables the construction oflong-chain elastic SEI to adapt volume changes in electrode.

Jun Peng,  Xianhui Yi,  Ling Fan,  Jiang Zhou*,  Bingan Lu*

2023, 1, 220014. doi: 10.54227/elab.20220014